GT International is an international motorsports-led entertainment provider.

From Macau to Indonesia, GT international has delivered exhilarating and accessible motorsports-led entertainment to 20 over million engaged and passionate fans across key countries in Asia.

The success behind this is the strong partnership with globally renowned motor series partners, which has proven to be a formidable force in providing fans and corporate partners with the positive experience. The company also boasts licensing assets from FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) a niche licensing rights that enables GT International to host any motorsports racing globally.

With a growing demand of key markets across Asia to bring motorsports into their country, a solid momentum will continue in the next 3 years with planned races already in motion.


Turn-key racing and logistic solution

GT International prides itself in offering end-to-end solution consultancy in the organization of motorsport entertainment. Backed by the team of certified and experienced professionals, our operations are complete, safe and self contained.

From feasibility, through master planning, procurement, delivery and project management services, we have a global reputation for reliability, technical excellence and an unswerving commitment to safety.

We specialize in working collaboratively with our clients’. Directly working with event organizers, promoters, and stakeholders, to design and develop the infrastructure needs of events. We develop temporary overlays that will provide functionality for the event or sport,we integrate design, engineering and delivery management services to convert existing spaces into exciting new sporting and entertainment venues


Technical Team

Behind every good race is a great track. Working with the world renowned race track technical team, we ensure that every race is nothing short of an exhilarating one.

Our technical team has more than 25 years’ industry experience which encompasses planning, design, construction and delivery management for a wide variety of major motorsports event from Formula 1 to the specialised field for temporary and street circuits

Logistics and Event Planning Team

With combined experience of more that 30 years, the GT International team has dynamic and professional expertise in the entire lifecycle of a major event. In the competitive world of major events, we know events are looking for services that will give them the edge as they strive to win public attention and raise their profile and that of their city and nation.

GT International work to support organisers and promoters in turning their investment into reality. We develop initiatives that maximise revenue and minimise expenditure. Starting with realistic cost estimation, backed by sound project management through procurement, delivery, operations support and dismantle and mediation.




Fast. Loud. Explosive.

There’s no doubting the appeal and exhilaration of motorsports events. The sheer passion or our fans is more intense than ever before. Already followed by more than 30 million viewers, we are rapidly increasing our reach across Asia.


Blazing the Streets. From Country to country. From Malaysia to Macau

GT International has entertained over 20 million fans across 5 countries